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Discussed the issues of preparation of future doctors

Discussed the issues of preparation of future doctors

26 June 2019

In the framework of academic mobility from 10.06.2019 to 06.21.2019 a visit took place the head of the department of clinical pharmacology and evidence-based medicine Kaliyeva Sh.S. in the NP JSC "Medical University of Astana."

Within two weeks, seminars and practical classes were held in accordance with the thematic plan and schedule of classes with residents of the 1st year of study in the specialty Otolaryngology in the discipline of Evidence-based medicine. Practical exercises are conducted using active learning methods, through the creation of specific clinical situations and finding solutions to the problem using TBL, CBL, and e-learning methods. During practical exercises, students had the opportunity to study international principles for the development and implementation of clinical guidelines for medical specialists from leading international agencies, based only on evidence and independently assess the quality of existing national clinical protocols using special techniques. In the classroom hours, residents had the opportunity to permanently access the Internet and electronic databases of evidence, while in extracurricular hours they carried out individual and group projects.

For two weeks, there was an active exchange of experience between teachers, issues of training future doctors in modern conditions, the main directions in educational activities were discussed. A meeting was held with the clinical pharmacologists of the department of the NP JSC “MUA” and physicians-clinical pharmacologists of practical public health. Within the framework of the meeting Kaliyeva Sh.S. made a presentation on the experience of the Scandinavian countries in the field of patient safety and personalized pharmacotherapy, discussed the strengthening of inter-agency and professional cooperation in antibiotic resistance strategies, patient safety and further strengthening the clinical pharmacology service in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Thus, joint activities are carried out effectively and fruitfully for all stakeholders. Discussed issues of further cooperation in the framework of academic mobility.



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