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Hello, we're looking for talent – 2019

Hello, we're looking for talent – 2019

18 September 2019

On September 14, the most charismatic and creative freshmen gathered in the university assembly hall to participate in the annual competition “Hello, we are looking for talents!”

The contest of young talents is a “talent fair” held in the framework of supporting student initiative and will help future doctors to reveal their creative potential.

During its long history the competition were helpening many talented students find their creative path became a launching pad for the realization of the most creative ideas and ambitions and it is also a great opportunity to make a name for themselves in various fields of art.

 Heads of creative groups and student associations presented the audience with the work of their teams and demonstrated the colorful presentations.

  Participation in creative circles will help many students to go on stage for the first time that for to try their skills and realize their creative potential. 

The Youth Affairs Department



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