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Scientific internship at the university of porto (portugal)

Scientific internship at the university of porto (portugal)

19 September 2019

Associate Professor of the Department of Pathology of the KMU Saule Amangeldievna Mussabekova from July 22 to July 26, 2019 took part in a scientific internship coordinated by the University of Porto in the framework of the European program Erasmus +, aimed at the mobility of academic and administrative personnel, which includes institutions from 25 countries outside Europe. Founded in 1911, the University of Porto (U. Porto) is the benchmark for higher education and research institutions in Portugal and one of the top 200 European universities, according to most relevant international rankings. The University of Porto was an excellent opportunity to study the best practices of teaching in medicine and the issues of internationalization of processes - this is an unforgettable and invaluable experience!

S.A. Mussabekova consisting of 50 participants from 79 partner institutions from 25 countries (Serbia, Albania, Armenia, Georgia, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Brazil, South Africa, etc.) attended classes, tours and various events organized by the University of Porto. The mission of the University of Porto is to create scientific knowledge to provide higher education, which is firmly rooted in research, in order to evaluate knowledge both socially and economically, and to actively participate in the progress of the communities in which it is involved.

Education had a general focus and allowed to get acquainted with the basic principles of this university, helped to unite into a friendly multinational team. The organizers of the course managed to organize the practical part of the training in such a way that allowed to obtain the maximum possible amount of information. In addition, the organizers proposed an interesting cultural program. The school day was divided into theoretical and practical parts, and interactive forms of seminars allowed to create a lively working atmosphere. Many interesting panel discussions, official presentations of topics, discussions in pairs and groups were held. During the training, everyone was given the opportunity to show their analytical and creative abilities.

«This is a unique experience - to visit one of the oldest and largest universities in Portugal! Studying at the University of Porto has eliminated many clichés and stereotypes. Participation in such a scientific internship is an incredible communication experience, which is invaluable for my further professional and personal development!» - expressed her opinion S.A. Mussabekova.

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