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Teacher, saying your name ...

Teacher, saying your name ...

02 October 2019

Students-participants of creative teams of KMU presented many sincere words of love and respect to the labor veterans, mentors and their teachers on October 1

For many years, Teacher's Day has been considered in Kazakhstan as one of the main and respected professional holidays.

The festive concert was opened by the members of the vocal club Beishen Samat, Dana Eralieva and Sadykov Saken with a dedication song to the dear teachers «Ұстазым». Lyrical notes brought to the hall by young performers found their resonance in the heart of every spectator.

The audience warmly welcomed the performances of «Қаракөз» dance groups with the fiery dance «Қара жорға»and “Golden step” with the composition “Waltz”.

The congratulatory race was continued by the participants of the author’s club «Жыр Жауһар» with excerpts from poetic works and young vocalists Maidanov Nurken with eternal hit “The Bird of Happiness”, a vocal trio composed by Edyge Asem, Kabyldinova Marzhan, Sagieva Saltanat with the song «Әсем ән» and Tanay Matkhur, student of the Foreign Faculty with the single “All of me”.

The song "My Kazakhstan" performed by all participants of the concert completed the gala evening.

At the end of the concert program, the audience generously awarded applause to all participants of the festive concert for the presented good mood.

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