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Students' XXth anniversary championship

Students' XXth anniversary championship

08 October 2019

On September 29, the XXth football championship among students started at the Medical University of Karaganda.

  8 student teams representing dormitories, specialties and faculties of KMU and our traditional guests KSTU and “Academy” teams have taken part in the anniversary championship.

  For the first time, the university championship has been held in the spring of 2014  at the initiative of the Youth Affairs Department and Department of Physical Education. The main goal of the project is to engage students in regular sports and popularize football at the University.

  One of the priority tasks of the tournament is to increase the role of sport in the formation of a healthy and harmonious personality of a future specialist. At all times, the students have been the driving force in shaping a healthy nation and patriotism.

Football is the №1 one in the world. His younger brother the futsal is also popular in Kazakhstan.

 Fans remember the victories of the “Kairat”(Almaty) the twice-winner of the Champions League over the most titled European futsal grandees, the confident play of the Kazakhstan team at the World Cup in Colombia, the fantastic “bronze” of our team at the European Championship in Serbia in 2016 and the “silver” of the students' world championship. Students' sport is the closest reserve for a professional sport.

Today's students  having the conditions for growth will win medals for Kazakhstan tomorrow at the largest tournaments: from student universiades to world championships and the Olympic Games.

Two dozen successful championships, a constant increase in the number of participants and a large number of KMU students playing in all leagues of the regional football championship clearly showed that this project has great prospects at the university and at the regional level.

A regular football tournament gives a qualitative impetus to the development of sports at the university. The number of students leading a healthy lifestyle is increasing, the level of attractiveness of the university for potential applicants is growing. The positive impact of the football championship on youth makes a significant contribution to the formation of a positive image of the university.

  The Youth Affairs Department

  Physical Health Center.



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