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Bread day

Bread day

24 October 2019

On October 16, the Youth Affairs Department together with the Student Republic “Samruk” and the Student Support Service organized a bread exhibition at the KMU dedicated to World Bread Day.

        Since ancient times, the bread was considered the main dish on the table in all countries and all nationalities. Respect and careful attitude to the bread, as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in the family remains unchanged in the culture of any people.

       The participants of creative circles and youth organizations of the university tried to present a variety of bakery products from different countries at a small exhibition.

         “Club of Initiative Students” presented the German cuisine, the debate club “Insight” is a Russian, volunteer organization “Next generation” is a Georgian, youth health center “Zhuldyz” is a Azerbaijan, youth association “KazMSA” Kazakh, discussion club “Namys” Uzbek and many others.

      According to the results of the exhibition-competition the places were distributed as follows: 

          III place - International faculty with Indian folk dishes;

          II place - took the debate club "Namys" representing the Uzbek cuisine;

         The winner of the exhibition-competition of national bakery products was the girls from the women's club “Akzhunis” who made bread and pies according to Turkish recipes.

     The students really liked the exhibition, because all the presented “exhibits” could be tasted without any restrictions.

                                                                            Student Support Service.



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