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Take care of the heritage of our ancestors!

Take care of the heritage of our ancestors!

24 October 2019

Work on the formation of immunity to destructive religious ideology and the preservation of a respectful attitude to the traditions of a secular state continues at thе Medical University of Karaganda.

  At a recent meeting with students, the head of the university’s security service M.K.Kaliyev introduced Gulnaz Razdykova, director of the Center for the Analysis and Development of Interfaith Relations from Pavlodar to the audience.

  Gulnaz Maksutovna arrived in Karaganda to meet with representatives of the student community to familiarize the audience with the history of the development of the Islamic religion and the dangers of the spread of non-traditional Muslim movements.

  Young people took with great interest the report on the results of the “Zhusan” humanitarian special operation, in which 524 of our compatriots, including 357 children, were returned to Kazakhstan from military zones in Syria.

  An interesting video was presented to the attention of the audience about the fate of a simple girl who became a victim of deception by supporters of a destructive religious cult.

In during the meeting, the students actively asked questions of interest to them and received comprehensive answers from G.M. Razdykova. At the end of the event, the lecturer urged students to remain resistant to alien influences and have critical thinking so as not to get into extremist networks.

  As history shows, the best way to resist negative influences from the outside is to always be yourself.

  Our culture is the heritage of our ancestors, carefully preserved by hundreds of generations, it is a preserved language and the richest traditions rooted back centuries - this is a reliable guarantee that the people of Kazakhstan will maintain their national identity and will not dissolve in the flow of time.

  The Youth Affairs Department.



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