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Love for teachers

Love for teachers

13 November 2019

November 6, 2019, on the birthday of the first rector of the Karaganda Medical University, Pyotr Moiseevich Pospelov, students of the 3-036 group of the specialty “General Medicine” group with the head of the museum N. F. Sayfulina, with the professor of the School of Public Health, Biomedicine and Pharmacy S. R. Zhakenova  visited the Staromikhailovsky cemetery.  Autumn foliage was removed on the graves of P. M. Pospelov, rector of KSMI (1984-1989) N. A. Khlopov, founder of the Department of Normal Anatomy Z. G. Slobodin, first head of the Department of Biochemistry V. I. Yakubovskaya, organizer of the Department of Pharmacology A  D. Steinberg.  Future doctors got acquainted with the history of the institute and learned about the traditions laid down by its founder and the first organizers of the university.



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