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Proud of our graduate!

Proud of our graduate!

13 November 2019

Nearly November, a traffic accident occurred on the Karaganda-Shakhtinsk highway. The victim in the accident, Kirill Demyanov, was seriously injured. Coincidentally, a graduate of the Karaganda Medical University, Eduard Shaidulin, who completed his studies in the specialty “General medical practice” passed by. Currently, Eduard works as a district doctor in the Clinic of the Shakhtinsk.

The young doctor assisted the victim until the ambulance arrived. According to the victim’s wife, Tatyana, Eduard acted decisively and professionally, measuring pressure, pulse, and also doing everything necessary to ensure that Kirill remained conscious. The doctor applied all the knowledge and skills acquired in the university in this situation. After waiting for the arrival of the 103 service brigade, he handed the victim over to his colleagues, and then continued on his way.

The act of Edward greatly delighted the Karaganda people who learned the story from publications in the media. University colleagues and teachers are proud of the young doctor. A worthy graduate of the highest Karaganda medical school!

The dean of the medicine school shared that during the period of study, Eduard Shaidulin was a conscientious student who was distinguished by a balanced character and diligence in study. The situation on the road showed that the young doctor, moreover, was very brave, decisive and responsible. Without hesitation and without wasting a minute, he began to fulfill his professional duty, saving a person’s life. Did it at a high level. We are proud of our graduate!



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