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Astana Declaration

Astana Declaration

18 November 2019

On October 25, 2019, a round table was held dedicated to the celebration of the first anniversary of the adoption of the Astana Declaration on Primary Health Care, in the city of Nur-Sultan, on the basis of the Nazarbayev University School of Medicine. Organizers of the eventare Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, European Regional Bureau of the World Health Organization, Republican Center for Health Development.

The event was attended by repsentatives of the Minstry of Health of the Republic

of Kazakhstan, health departments of regions and cities of republican significance, polyclinics of the city of Nur-Sultan, PHC specialists, the academic community and other interested parties.

The round table “The first anniversary of adoption of  Astana Declaration on PHC: From Vision to Action” was opened with a welcoming speech by the acting  Director of the Department of Strategy and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ainur Ayypkhanova, who congratulated all those present and guests with the first anniversary of the adoption of the Astana Declaration on Primary Health Care. The next had a speak also:

former Vinistr of health of theRepublic of Kazakhstan, academician Toregeldy Sharmanov, WHO representatives: Shiyama Kuruwila (headquarters, Geneva), Clayton Hamilton (Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen), Oleg Chestnov (country office, Nur Sultan) and Ann Johansen (geographically remote PHC office, Almaty), representative of the international network of partnerships in the field of healthcare financing (P4H) Claude Meyer, UNICEF country office Kanat Sukhanberdiev and representative of the National Institute of Health and Science on Aging (Italy) Francesco Barbarella

In the second part of the event, consisting of two sessions devoted to strategic and operational levers for strengthening PHC, along with international experts, representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the director of the Department of Digitalization of Healthcare Beibut Esenbaev had aspeach too.

The participants of the round table were: General Director of the National Center for Public Health, Professor Valikhan Akhmetov, Rector of Astana Medical University, Professor Dainius Pavalkis, Head of the Primary Health Care Project Office, Askar Khoroshash, Chairman of the Board of the National Primary Health Care Association, Professor Roza Abzalova and her executive director Inna Stratulat.

The round table  was attended by the next persons from «MUK» NCJSC еру Vice-Rector-Director of the Institute of Public Health and Occupational Health, Dr. PhD Tusupova Kamshat Maratovna, Head of the Department of Family Medicine, Professor Omarkulov Bauyrzhan Kadenovich, the 1st year resident in the specialty “Family Medicine” Abdrakhmanov Amanzhol and the 6th year intern Askar Dosmuratov.

Department of Family Medicine



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