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Cognitive lessons

Cognitive lessons

20 November 2019

From November 4 to November 15, 2019, assistant-professor of the Kazakhstan History and SPD Department, Alieva Meruert Tuleukhanovna has conducted the classes as part of academic mobility at University "BOLASHAQ" (Karaganda). Within the framework of academic mobility, Alieva Meruert has held the lectures, practical classes and IWS on the discipline "The Modern History of Kazakhstan" for students of all specialties of the University "BOLASHAQ".

For this, she has prepared slide presentations. Students noted the professionalism and sociability of the teacher and good organization of the educational process, that made classes more informative and useful.

The discipline "The modern history of Kazakhstan" has the great importance in the education and upbringing of the young generation, in the formation of spiritual values ​​and historical continuity, in strengthening the Kazakh identity and the successful implementation of the "Rukhani Zhangyru" program. In this regard, the teacher has faced with the task of giving objective historical knowledge about the main stages of the history of modern Kazakhstan, focusing students on the problems of the formation and development of statehood and historical and cultural processes.

The academic mobility of teachers promotes their professional growth and improves thequality of education.

Assistant-professor M.T. Aliyeva,

The Kazakhstan History and SPD Department



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