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Improving the practical skills of graduates

Improving the practical skills of graduates

21 November 2019

Internship, as a form of postgraduate professional education, is intended to improve the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of graduates of higher medical educational institutions, to increase their readiness for independent professional activity in their chosen specialty. The project of an on-site internship is an important point in preparing a specialist for future medical practice

Dean of the School of Medicine of the NJSC of the Medical University of Karaganda Gazaliyeva Meryuert Arstanovna visited the Central Hospital of the city of Abay, which is one of the bases for the visiting internship of our graduates. The hospital has a polyclinic for 525 visits per shift, which provides primary health care and clinical diagnostic services to residents of the city and surrounding areas. The clinic includes a family health center, a youth center, departments of consultative and diagnostic assistance, prevention and social and psychological assistance, a day hospital with 40 beds. There is a round-the-clock hospital for 97 beds in therapeutic, neurological, surgical, traumatological, gynecological, pediatric directions, a maternity ward, pathology of pregnant women, an emergency department. 

 Timur Serikbaevich, the deputy chief physician for medical work, talks about the interaction within the framework of an on-site internship: “Interns conduct an examination on their own, make a diagnosis, and monitor the course of the disease during treatment. The advantage of the on-site internship is that at the polyclinics and hospitals of single-industry towns, villages, future doctors have the opportunity to do manipulations with their own hands, assist trained surgeons during operations, learn to find the right words for patients and their relatives in severe conditions, prognoses. I would like to note that the doctors of our hospital feel a lot of help from the interns for maintaining documentation, working at KIIS, and daily rounds.

The interns express great gratitude to their mentors Timyan Serikbaevich Armiyanov, Utegenov Aydin Utegenovich, Akulich Lyudmila Vladimirovna for their wise leadership, creative approach to their formation.



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