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Тhe new tradition of the military department - delivery of shoulder straps to lieutenants of the reserve

Тhe new tradition of the military department - delivery of shoulder straps to lieutenants of the reserve

30 December 2019

2019.14.12 a shoulder strap ceremony was held for young reserve lieutenants - graduates of the military department of the Medical University of Karaganda. This event was dedicated to the celebration of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The award ceremony was held in a festive atmosphere, with the removal of the banner of the military department. 171 graduates of the department received the long-awaited epaulettes this year, of which 89 lieutenants of the medical reserve service and 82 reserve lieutenants.

In total, over the years of the existence of the military department more than 22000 students have been trained.

The head of the military department, reserve colonel Jienbaev Baurzhan Akimzhanovich, read out the festive order of the Chairman of the Board, Rector of the Medical University of Dosmagambetova Raushan Sultanovna, on encouraging the personnel of the military department. Then, in accordance with the order of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan on personnel No. 45-dk dated October 5, 2019, epaulettes were handed to young lieutenants of the reserve, among whom received the epaulettes and Samatov Tеmirlan Kuatbekovich, Chief Specialist of the Public Health Service of the Health Department of the Karaganda Region.

To get epaulettes, students went through two years of theoretical military training, a month of military training and passing exams.

A congratulatory speech was made by a veteran of the Afghan war, cavalier of the order “For Service to the Homeland in the USSR Armed Forces” of the III degree, senior lecturer of the military department, retired colonel of medical service Baltynov Gabdulla Zaydanovich.

The official part of the ceremony ended with a traditional photo shoot.

Now the presentation of shoulder straps of reserve lieutenants will become a tradition of our military department.

The presence of an officer rank allows graduates, if they wish, to conclude a contract in the Armed Forces, as well as have more opportunities for employment in civilian enterprises.

Congratulations to each graduate with the assignment of the title "reserve lieutenant"!



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