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Check passed

Check passed

19 May 2020

Despite the difficult epidemiological situation in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan face many other urgent challenges. In particular, it is the maintenance of the required level of combat readiness and defense capability.On May 13, 2020, military police officials of the Karaganda Garrison, based on instructions from the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, issued at a hardware meeting on May 4 this year, conducted a check on the reliability of the storage of weapons and military equipment, as well as the organization of military service at the military department of the Medical University of Karaganda.

As a result of the inspection, an act has been drawn up stating that the organization of the troop service and the storage of training weapons meet the requirements of the Charters of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the guidelines, thus, the staff of the military department in remote work not only conducts educational work, but also maintains at the proper level combat training and military discipline.



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