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School of Distance Learning in Medical Education

School of Distance Learning in Medical Education

04 September 2020

From 1 to 4 September 2020, Karaganda Medical University held an online workshop "DISTANCE LEARNING SCHOOL IN MEDICAL EDUCATION".

Discussed topics:

• "Strategy of distance learning at Karaganda Medical University"

• "Develop of open online courses (moocs)"

• "Tools for Distance Learning"

• "Guide for working with electronic resources of the library"

• "Organization of group classes online"

• "Digital technologies for distance learning"

The speakers of the seminar discussed:

• what platform work effectively;

• what resources can be used for lectures, labs, group work, assessment and questionnaires;

• how develop own open online course;

• introduced to the content of electronic resources in the library of KMU;

• how to work effectively in the Documentolog and on the WEBEX platform.

144 teachers were registered at the workshop, 110 of them actively participated. At the end of the four-day seminar, the teachers were tested based on the workshoptopics.

All workshop’s materials are posted on the website of KMU.

As a result of the seminar, all teachers passed a feedback questionnaire. So, 67.6% of participants noted the organization of the workshop as “excellent” and 32.4% are “good”. All participants noted the importance of information and applicability in their work (100%), and were also satisfied with the results of the training (100%).



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