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Acquaintance with the specialty

Acquaintance with the specialty

07 October 2020

On October 5, 2020, an online consultation was held on the Zoom platform for 1st year students of the specialty "Technology of pharmaceutical production".  The meeting was chaired by the Senator of the School of Pharmacy Alimbatyrov Marlan.  The purpose of the online consultation is to get acquainted with the specialty "Technology of pharmaceutical production".

The meeting covered such topics as:

∙ Where and by whom can a graduate work after graduation;

∙ The academic degree received by the graduate upon graduation from the university;

∙ Privileges of this specialty;

∙ A wide range of areas of specialty;

∙ Domestic pharmaceutical production;

∙ Leading pharmaceutical companies in the world.

During the consultation, the senator provided answers to questions of interest to students.

The participants of the online consultation are grateful to the senator for holding an online meeting and forming an idea of  the chosen specialty.



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