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Walking tour in thre Karkaralinsky mountains

Walking tour in thre Karkaralinsky mountains

19 October 2020

From 11th to 13th September 2020 at the request of senior students –the permanent participants in the work of the local history club of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and the SPD, a trip to Karkaraly took place. During excursions in the Karkaralinsky mountains the students, internship doctors, graduate students as well as young doctors (graduating students of our university) in the amount of 14 people made fascinating trips to interesting natural objects. The are  the Big tent cave, Stone gate (in the Torkizen mountains) and piny wood. 

The students were told about the history of the region. We heard some interesting facts about the history of Karkaraly in Soviet times from of Nurila Botova, the ingenuous person of the city who is a descendant of the merchant Varnava Botov the founder of the famous Koyandy fair.

  Based on the materials of the excursions, we filmed video and photo materials that will be used in the preparation of a film on the sights (local history issues are also included in the program on the Contemporary History of Kazakhstan).

  According to the participants of this trip they saw and learned a lot of new and interesting things about the nature and history of our land – Saryarka.



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