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The first meeting "The path of ascent to self-development"

The first meeting "The path of ascent to self-development"

10 December 2020

According to experts of the national project “Atlas of New Professions and Competencies of Kazakhstan” a lot of changes are waiting in the future, actually- 239 new professions will appear in the next 5-10 years, 129 will disappear, and 95 will be transformed. It will become a key guideline for universities when introducing new and revising existing curriculums. In this regard, a graduate doctor must have several competencies, be a doctor, researcher and healthcare organizer.

To provide our students with the opportunity to receive additional, high-quality, affordable education on favorable terms, the School of Medicine has planned a business partnership with universities in Kazakhstan, near and far abroad. One of the school's business partners will be the Synergy University in Kazakhstan, headed by a successful entrepreneur, coach, mentor, active public figure, sponsor of innovative projects - Kassymbergebaev Baurzhan Tileubergenovich.

On December 4, 2020, Baurzhan Tileubergenovich has opened the first meeting "The path of ascent to self-development", organized by the School of Medicine. The meeting was very eventful, the issues of personal growth, motivation for the correct changes in life were discussed, as well as Kasymbergebaev B.T. spoke about the speeches of the unique motivators John Kehoe and Nick Vuyich, organized by the Synergy business school, about the recipes for success, about the fact that he considers himself to be the type of people who change the world, about the motto “It's never too late to become happy, rich, healthy while you alive! ". Also, the President of Synergy University in Kazakhstan shared the formula for harmonious relationships and the secrets of education, how to show care and love for children and educate yourself. At the same time, during the meeting, topical aspects of the educational sector of the distance format were also highlighted.

By the way, Synergy University is a global high-tech university that has united 15 educational institutions, 30,000 students, 110 training programs in 50 regions of Russia and the CIS countries and far abroad under its brand.

For almost 30 years, it has been preparing professionals with a set of practical knowledge and skills both for starting and developing their own business, and for working in management positions in large companies.



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