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Meeting with undergraduates

Meeting with undergraduates

20 January 2021

The School of Medicine together with the Research School organized a meeting with masters of graduate courses and residents who interested in further admission to doctoral studies took part in the meeting.

Welcoming the participants of the meeting, Dean of Research School Yedilbayeva Tanzira Toktarhanovna voiced healthcare trends and characteristics of the modern world, called masters do not stop there, but to continue training and research in doctoral studies.

In speech, the Dean talked about the rules and stages of admission to doctoral studies, the principles of performing dissertation research, the requirements for scientific supervisors of doctoral students, and the annual update of the list of potential leaders, publications of articles in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, preliminary defense, and defense in the dissertation council.

The participants were provided with documents and information for more detailed acquaintance. The documents can be found by clickingon the linkhttps://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3af6cc127de18c40d787ff6e8769f6bc7a%40thread.tacv2/%25D0%259E%25D0%25B1%25D1%2589%25D0%25B8%25D0%25B9?groupId=825bd5d6-051d-4b79-8efe-4f64224b3a89&tenantId=89056970-32af-4718-ae06-193ab2a88ab4, section "Files".

The Dean of the Research School also focused on the research center, saying that interactionwith the research staff of the center, whose extensive experience in participating in grant projects, republican and international scientific events, can help you in the high-quality implementationof individual plans.



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