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Dentist Day

Dentist Day

15 February 2021

On February 9, 2021, a festive event dedicated to the Day of the Dentist was held at the school of nursing education of the "Karaganda Medical University" among students of the educational programs "Dentistry", "Orthopedic Dentistry" on the Microsoft Teams platform. The dean of the school Estemesova Karlygash Amangeldievna congratulated the Day of the Dentist and wished smiles, health and academic success.

  The students got acquainted with the history of the origin of the ancient profession. In the Pakistani province, teeth that are more than 14,000 years old were found, with traces of their treatment and drilling. Initially, shamans were involved in dental treatment. For this, medicinal herbs and spells were used. In ancient Egypt, this profession was widespread and in demand. It was the Egyptians who invented the first toothpaste. By the found mummies, we can judge the achievements of those times in the field of dentistry. Even then, they knew how to drill teeth, fasten the fallen out with gold wire, use herbs in the treatment of dental diseases and as part of fillings. Modern dentistry has achieved incredible development, thanks to which you can forget about pain and fear when visiting a dentist, while getting a gorgeous smile and healthy teeth.

  One of the interesting stages of the event was contests and quizzes organized by the curator Valeria Valerievich Lyuts. Students Sharipov Danil, Wegner Ksenia, Zaitseva Victoria, Abzhanov Zhandos, Illarionov Danil took an active part in the event. The jury included teachers Gulzada Abkenovna Balmagambetova, Valery Valerievich Lyuts, Olzhabay Ayerke Zhanatkyzy. 

Deputy Dean for Social Work of the School of Nursing Education Ongarbaeva Ayman Igilikovna



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