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Academic mobility at the School of Public Health and Biomedicine

Academic mobility at the School of Public Health and Biomedicine

16 March 2021

The senior teacher of the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines of the Bolashaq Academy, Tukubaeva G.N. held the online classes in the discipline " Introduction to hygiene " in the amount of 90 hours for the 2nd year students of the educational program "6В07201-TPP (technology of pharmaceutical production)" in the period from 15.02.21 to 05.03.21 at the “MUK” NCJSC withing the academic mobility program. 

When studying each topic along the discipline " Introduction to hygiene ", students sequentially master the material, starting with the motivational characteristics of the topic, target settings to achieve the result, which can be checked on the questions given at the end of the topic. When studying the necessary objects, students are offered an indicative basis of actions and tasks of a control and educational nature. During the process of studying, students have at their disposal a set of necessary aids: a textbook, information and didactic blocks, methodological instructions. 

The main task of the teacher was to form a hygienic approach among students to create healthy and safe working conditions for working personnel. Use of the achievements and conclusions of many scientific disciplines directly or indirectly related to the tasks of creating healthy and safe working conditions. Study of uniform requirements in the field of occupational safety and health through the development and adoption of regulatory legal acts.



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