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Tribute to the memory

Tribute to the memory

01 May 2021

According to the established tradition, the staff of the Military Department of the Medical University of Karaganda on the eve of Victory Day and the Day of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a subbotnik at the monument-memorial to soldiers who died of wounds in evacuation hospitals during the Great Patriotic War, as well as at the graves of Heroes of the Soviet Union.

Evacuation hospital No. 3970/71 and its branch, which operated in 1941-1944 in the premises of the former teachers ' institute and the former paramedic-midwifery school (now one of the buildings of the medical university and the building of the Bolashak Academy), in September 1941 received the first batches of wounded who needed long-term treatment. Evacuation hospital No. 3970/71 operated in Karaganda until October 1944.

Obelisk over the mass grave of Soviet soldiers at the city cemetery in the village of Bolshaya Mikhaylovka Sovetsky district was established in 1945. These warriors were from different parts of the vast country, but all had one goal – to defeat the fascist invaders. The natives of Tartary, Bashkiria, and the Mordovian ASSR found their resting place in the Karaganda land. The soldiers who died in our hospitals did not wait at home in Leningrad, Yaroslavl, Omsk, Tomsk…

Today, 76 years later, the mass grave is kept in perfect order.



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