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Nauryz at “Emergency medicine”

Nauryz at “Emergency medicine”

10 April 2014

Nauryz is one of the oldest holidays in the world. This holiday is celebrated for more than 5 thousand years bythe peoples of Central Asia and some eastern Slavs as a like celebration of spring and the renewal of nature.

In honor of the holiday on 20 March, at the Regional Emergency Ambulance Station the concert program was arranged, where allEmergency Ambulance Station staff and department of "Emergency medicine»  of KSMU with 5th year students of faculty "General Medicine" were actively participated.

Curator of Veterans Council of medical entities of Kazybekbi district - Seysembekov Samat Zeynullovich was invited to the holiday.

The program was very intense: Participants staged Kazakh traditions, such as: «Қызұзату», «Құдатүсу», «Беташар», «Қыркынаншығару». Also the program included Kazakh national Kui, dances and songs.

In the final part of the holiday, the head of "Emergency medicine» department AR Alpyssova made ​​a congratulatory speech on behalf of the university and department staff.

5th year students of "General medicine" faculty are not left behind. Guys - participants' team of CFI of KSMU Bayazitov Samat and Dosmagambetov Timur made short stories, which made the whole audience laugh. Student of 5-058 group Kosybaeva Aruna played ​​a national Kui "Kurmangazy",  student of  5-008 group Salahiddinov Zhasur  performs songs in Uzbek, Turkish and Arabic languages. Students of 5-053 group Bekimova Fariz, Adilova Aliya gave the song "Nauryz" to the audience.

The concert was held at the "Hooray!", charged everyone with huge positive and a great mood  for all holidays.

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