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Honored the memory of the Great Teacher

Honored the memory of the Great Teacher

10 November 2023

On November 6, 2023, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding healthcare professional, Honored Doctor of the Kazakh SSR, founder of the Karaganda State Medical Institute Pyotr Moiseevich Pospelov, the Rector, the academic staff and students of the University honored the memory of the Doctor and Teacher by laying flowers at the memorial board installed in his honor in front of the building of the educational building of the University at 7, Alalykin Street, as well as at his grave located in the territory of the Staromikhailovsky cemetery.

The warm, sunny weather of that day was pleasant and brought back good memories of the life and work of Pyotr Moiseevich.

Many kind words have been said by Pyotr Moiseevich's colleagues, veterans who graduated from KSMI in the 60's, among them Doctor of Medical Sciences Victor Aleksandrovich Zubov, oncologist surgeon Meiram Bayzrakhmanovich Turgunov, as well as Pyotr Moiseevich's nephew, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Nikolai Ilyich Pospelov, academic staff of the School of Public Health and departments of NCJSC "KMU".

The Rector of the University Anar Akylbekovna Turmukhambetova stated the great importance of the contribution of Pyotr Moiseevich Pospelov in the history of health care and medical education not only in Central Kazakhstan, but also in the whole country.

At the ceremony of laying flowers to the memorial board Nailya Fuatbekovna Saifulina, the head of the University’s museum, who carefully preserves the historical heritage of the University, together with her colleagues created a hall in the museum dedicated to the founder of KSMI Pyotr Moiseevich Pospelov, made a speech.

Pyotr Moiseevich worked from 1964 to 1974, for 20 years (until 1984) in this building, he was the head of the Department of Social Hygiene and Healthcare Organization.  On September 1, 1985 in this building he gave his last lecture "Introduction to the specialty of the first year students of the Faculty of Medicine", - explains Nailya Fuatbekovna. - The memorial board with bas-relief was made by a famous sculptor, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Anatoly Petrovich Bilyk. It was installed in the year of the fortieth anniversary of our University, in 1990, before the day of remembrance of Peter Moiseevich, and opened by the Rector of the institute Makash Tynyshtykbaevich Aliyakparov. Since then, Peter Moiseevich as if invisibly present in this educational building, inspiring future doctors and instilling confidence in the future. We, colleagues and students of Pyotr Moiseevich, graduates of KSMI, remember well the words of ingenious Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov written at his request: "Seek to be and be a man!". Pyotr Moiseyevich bequeathed us to be professionals in our field, competent, educated, intelligent, honest, decent, do good every day, and we honor his legacy and follow it. 



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