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New horizons in rehabilitation

New horizons in rehabilitation

20 November 2023

Master's students from the NCJSC "KMU" School of Nursing Education V. Yu. Yablonskaya and A.B. Arshkenov visited the university clinic of strategic partner "Lithuanian University of Health Sciences" as part of the AccelEd program from October 26 to November 8.

   Leading specialists from the university clinic of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences presented programs on diagnosis and methods for restoration in the field of rehabilitation during the internship. The master's students gained an excellent experience in the field of rehabilitation, mastered new diagnosis methods in kinesiotherapy and ergotherapy, and acquired their skills in logotherapy in diagnosing speech functions and methods for their restoration.

Robotic therapy technologies were provided on the basis of the university clinic, including devices for improving static-coordination, sensory-motor areas, including fine motor functions, as well as stimulation of cognitive status, psycho-emotional state, and other processes, as well as the opportunity to test them in practice.

   The master's students learned and practiced various research methods and techniques in rehabilitation, which will allow them to improve rehabilitation competencies in the nursing service and improve the level of rehabilitation provided to patients with cerebral stroke.

Joint scientific and clinical efforts with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) offer up new opportunities for collaboration, help to extend knowledge and expertise, and contribute to medical practice. This collaboration makes an important contribution to the development of nursing services and the level of rehabilitation for patients with a cerebral stroke. 



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