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Compliance with the principles of academic integrity

Compliance with the principles of academic integrity

02 April 2024

In 2018, Karaganda Medical University became one of the country's first higher education institutions to join the Academic Integrity League, committing to further obligations to ensure educational integrity and honesty. In 2019, for the first time, our university was monitored for complying with the League's principles and the presence of corruption concerns, confirming the proud title of a League member.

KMU carried out external monitoring from March 13 to March 15, allowing the university to evaluate itself independently and receive an analysis of business processes from the monitoring group. In fact, the monitoring group included highly qualified professionals in higher education, namely: Nurgul Makhanbayeva, Head of the League's project office, Meruert Gazaliyeva, Vice Rector of Astana Medical University, Zhanargul Smailova, Vice Rector of Semey Medical University, Ildar Fakhradiyev, Director of the technology park of Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, Assem Dossanova, Head of the Academic Development Office of Astana Medical University, Bayan Rakhimzhanova, Chief of the Office of the Registrar of Semey Medical University.

As part of the monitoring, business processes were evaluated according to 105 criteria of the Academic Integrity League, including the units “Responsibility for violations of academic integrity”, “Compliance with criteria for evaluating student learning outcomes based on the general principles of the League”, “Organization of the educational process according to credit technology of training based on the general principles of the League”, “Absence of violations during the current control of students' performance”, “Absence of violations during the intermediate control of performance (examination session)”, “Transparency of the procedure of State Final Examination”, “Absence of hired executors of academic works”, “Absence of falsification of academic documents”, “Transparency of research grant implementation”, “Targeted use of assets and fixed assets”, “Transparency of the recruitment and promotion of employees”, “Compliance with the established order for admission of applicants”, “Compliance with the established procedure for the distribution of vacant grants”, “Transparency of the procedure for the allocation of places in the dormitory”. In addition, introductory visits were conducted to academic buildings, clinical facilities and dormitories of the university.

As part of the monitoring, separate meetings were also held with top management, managers of structural divisions, faculty members, employers, students and alumni of the university.

Based on the monitoring results, the group members reached a preliminary positive conclusion. A more complete analysis of the monitoring results of Karaganda Medical University will be published on the League's website (adaldyq.kz).

On behalf of the management, we express our gratitude to the staff and students for organized system of high standards of academic integrity at our university!



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