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We marked Neonatologist's Day

We marked Neonatologist's Day

11 April 2024

On April 5, on Neonatologist's Day, teachers of the Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology, M.M Sabiyeva and L.B. Ibraimova, organized a round-table discussion with students.

The conversation evolved into a discussion on neonatology's history, importance, and relevance in modern medicine. The students from the 3002 and 3005 groups of specialty "Pediatrics" participated.

Neonatology has a distinctive position in the modern healthcare system. The changes that occur during a child's initial few hours of life have a significant impact on his/her future health. As a result, a neonatologist's qualifications and education should be at the highest degree.

Future pediatricians emphasized the significance of their profession and how it will influence the health of future generations. The students gave comprehensive lectures about the history of neonatology and the "transient state in infancy" and exchanged ideas. Quizzes were conducted to consolidate the information acquired during the report.



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