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Efficient sharing of experience

Efficient sharing of experience

29 May 2024

Efficient sharing of experience

The Department of Internal Medicine of Karaganda Medical University hosted a Visiting Professor, M.D., nephrologist Ulrich Kunzendorf as part of the exchange of experience with foreign colleagues under the SES program. The professor has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of neрhrological diseases, including autoimmune diseases, hypertensive disease, kidney transplantation, and substitutive renal therapy.

Professor Ulrich Kunzendorf gave interactive lectures on current issues of nephrology for students of the 7th year in the 6B10102 "General Medicine" specialty (nephrotic syndrome, nephritic syndrome, glomerulonephritis, diabetes mellitus, hypertension), for residents in the "Nephrology (adult, pediatric)" specialty (transplantology, methods of replacement therapy, acid-base balance, correction of acid-base balance disorders). Residents with a specialization in Rheumatology (adult, pediatric), Endocrinology (adult, pediatric) also had the opportunity to participate in classes, taking into consideration their interdisciplinary nature. As part of the practical session, Professor Ulrich Kunzendorf discussed the cases of patients with nephrological, cardiological and endocrinological profiles with a closer study of the issues of diagnosis and treatment.

Professor also visited the "Multidisciplinary Regional Children's Hospital", where he was welcomed by the Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology, Professor Bibigul Tukbekova and Professor SandugashDyusenova. Under the supervision of SandugashDyusenova, Professor Ulrich Kunzendorf conducted consultations with difficult cases in the Nephrology Unit.

In addition, Professor visited the clinical facilities of the University – University Hospital, Regional Clinical Hospital, Nephros-Asia Dialysis Center. Along with Associate Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine I.V. Bacheva he discussed complex clinical cases, ultrasound examination of patients in the ICU, got acquainted with patients receiving peritoneal dialysis.

While meeting with the Department Chairman E.M. Laryushina, faculty members of the Department of Internal Medicine, Professor Ulrich Kunzendorf discussed the work of the German healthcare system, adding patients to the waiting list group, and selecting a donor-recipient pair.

Professor Ulrich Kunzendorf was impressed by the standard of teaching at the Department of Internal Medicine, as well as the high skill level of the faculty members and clinical instructors, competence of residents and interns, level of equipment of the department and units.

During the visit of Professor Ulrich Kunzendorf, a resident in the "Nephrology (adult, pediatric)" specialty Nauryzbek Muslimov and a 7th year student in the "Pediatrics" specialty Gulshan Khamrayeva have been invaluable in his communication with colleagues.

We express our sincere gratitude to M.D., Professor Ulrich Kunzendorf for his valuable insights to improving interdisciplinary education for students and residents.



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