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Housing question is being resolved, salary will increase

Housing question is being resolved, salary will increase

09 October 2019

The Minister of public health care – Elzhan Amantaevich Birtanov, has met with Karaganda medical university students and young doctors graduated in this year within the working trip to Karaganda city.

Meeting has been held as a conversation. The minister was interested in life, work conditions of the graduators and whether they have any problems of social character.

Up to the present, housing problem was very acute in the republic for State program participations «With diploma-to village». Today it has being resolving successfully in Karaganda region. Rector of Karaganda medical university- Dosmagambetova Raushan Sultanovna, has visited all village areas and small towns. Moreover, she has become sure that comfortable flats equipped with furniture, household appliances are provided, and relocation amount is payed to the young doctors. The rector has noted that young specialists who arrived for a three-year working are supported in every possible way in the countryside at the level of central hospitals and akimats, so that the doctors were satisfied with the created conditions and stayed in the village and in the single-industry towns for a longer period.

Yelzhan Amantayevich also said that social support measures for young doctors working in rural areas were not previously mandatory; the state approached this issue taking into account the capabilities of local executive bodies. Now it is a question of legitimizing this condition. The norm has already been introduced into the draft Code on Health and the Health Care System; it remains to wait for its approval.

In a conversation about housing, the head of the health department of the Karaganda region Yerzhan Shakirovich Nurlybaev added that next year, after the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital moved to a new building in the South-East of Karaganda, the old clinic building in the 45th quarter will be reconstructed as official housing for medical workers. It will accommodate about 106 rooms. Currently, estimate is being developed for this facility

There is another solution to the housing problem in relation to representatives of the health sector – a few days ago, a memorandum on cooperation with a Kazakhstan mortgage company was signed in the akimat of Karaganda. Within the framework of this union, housing construction will be launched, including 200 apartments for medical workers

The questions of graduates mainly related to the issue of retraining, the minister clarified these questions.

The Minister also pointed on the issues of three-year working of graduates of medical schools, trained at the expense of the state, distribution of state orders in the residency.

The second question related to the changed approach to the formation of a free education list of specialties in the residency was specifically new for graduates. So, this year the ministry conducted an analysis of the needs of medical personnel in all regions of the republic. It has showed which specialties are the most scarce in practical health care. According to them, the state educational order was formed for training at the residency for the 2019-2020 academic year.

At the end of the meeting, Yelzhan Amantayevich noted that the state intends to increase salaries annually for medical workers. He wished young doctors to work constantly on self-improvement and in any situation to remain faithful to their profession. The Minister urged his young colleagues to remember that treating people is a privilege that gives the doctor a special internal status. It obliges to be higher than rudeness and negative from the side, striving only to cure the patient.



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