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Paramedic training

Paramedic training

15 November 2020

Employees of JSC SSC" KazGeology "carry out surface and underground geological study ofthe bowels of the lands of Kazakhstan. The need for paramedics (people trained in emergency care skills) in teams is increasing every day. Emergency situations can occur at any time and place, knowledge of emergency care skills will help save the lives of loved ones and employees, therefore many enterprises insist on training paramedics from among the employees of the enterprise who, at the right time, will be able not to get confused and provide emergency assistance. 

With the aim of teaching the basic skills of first aid in emergency situations, paramedics of JSC SSC" KazGeology "were trained on the basis of the Karaganda  Medical  University Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies from November 9 to 11, 2020.  Marina Timakhovich, trainer of the Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies, taught them a basic course "Skills of first aid." Training with simulation dummies and simulators allows you to develop practical skills in a safe and reliable educational environment that meets the requirements of the national health system and international standards.

The course included training in the skills of providing emergency care for various conditions of the patient (cardiopulmonary resuscitation, obstruction of the upper respiratory tract, an algorithm of actions in emergency situations at work), taking into account the level of risk at the enterprise.

 The trainees learned and practiced the practical skills of providing emergency care using simulation simulators. Upon completion of the training, the students expressed their gratitude for the training, noted the availability of the material provided and the excellent organization of the cycle.

Beysembekova Aigerim 



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