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Online PBL

15 December 2020

In this post we would to talk about PBL – Problem-based learning.  During the PBL-lessons we use the knowledge gained in such disciplines as anatomy, physiology, histology, biochemistry and solve the problems that patients have. As the result of using this method of learning we improved such skills, as problem-solving and critical thinking, self-directed learning.

Also the students of our group under the leadership of Shapatova Gulmira Bokeikhanovna had the opportunity to participate in the conference of research projects at the Medical University of Semey.

In conclusion, we want to say that the use of problem-based training in medical schools is a very effective solution. This method has a significant impact on the training of future doctors in medical schools. We would like to thank Gulmira Bukeikhanovna for the experience gained and excellent impressions from previous PBL lessons on behalf of group 2-003 in general medicine.

  Students of  2-003 GM Duysen Akniet, Ertuganova Azhar



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