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Academic mobility in online mode

Academic mobility in online mode

21 December 2020

Since 27.11.2020 to 03.12.2020, Professor of the Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology of NJSC "Medical University of Karaganda" - Dyusenova Sandugash Bolatovna conducted the distance training in on-line mode at the Samarkand Medical Institute (Uzbekistan) for students of the Faculty of Dentistry in the discipline "Pediatrics and Medical Genetics", in the amount of 54 hours, according to the agreement on cooperation within the framework of academic mobility of university’s teachers.

  The lectures were devoted to the following topics: The subject of pediatrics, its role in the training of stomatology, monitoring the physical development of children; Rational feeding of children, Breastfeeding (WHO program). Mixed and artificial feeding. Anatomical and physiological features (APF) of the musculoskeletal system. Rickets. Etiology. Pathogenesis. Clinical signs, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment.

  Topics for practical lessons: Periods of childhood. APF of digestion system. Nutrition disorder syndrome. APF of the respiratory system. Bronchitis in children. Pneumonia. APF of hematopoietic organs. Deficiency anemia in children.

  Professor S.B. Dyusenova participated as an international jury at the International on-line Olimpiad for medical students "Samarkand 2020", dedicated to the great scientist and thinker Abu Ali ibn Sina. In the Pediatrics section, 90 students participated in the first stage, of which 30 students were selected for the second stage. The students of the following medical universities participated: NJSC "KMU", Tomsk State Medical University, KazMNU, SamMI, Karakalpak Medical University, etc.

  The faculty staff of SamMI and students noted the high professionalism and availability of knowledge that Professor S.B.Dyusenova possesses.

  In this regard, the management of the institute expressed gratitude to Professor S.B. Dyusenova for active participation in the work of SamMi.



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