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Ensuring the quality of medical education in a pandemic

Ensuring the quality of medical education in a pandemic

04 February 2021

The 2021 began with the publication of an article in the scientific and analytical journal "Higher School of Kazakhstan".

 This  journal has been published since 2013 by the Center for the Bologna Process and Academic Mobility of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The journal publishes scientific articles on innovative methods of teaching and learning, on the quality of higher education, on the principles of the Bologna process and Kazakhstani experience in the implementation of its main provisions.

 The authors of the article "Ensuring the quality of medical education in a pandemic" Raushan Dosmagambetova, Viktor Riklefs and Gulshat Kemelova highlighted the experience of the Karaganda Medical University of teaching and learning during lockdown. Online education opens up new opportunities for attracting students to self-education, forming responsibility for their future, developing skills and competencies that meet the international standards of a modern healthcare specialist. An alternative means of ensuring the quality of medical education is a trade-off  between distance and face-to-face education.

 To actively involve students in distance learning, it is advisable to plan the right balance of online and offline learning using platforms for working in small groups. To effectively implement distance learning, there is a wide range of Internet for different levels of users.



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