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Тhe past and present of the city of Karaganda

Тhe past and present of the city of Karaganda

10 February 2021

On 09.02.21, an online round table was held on the topic: "the past and present of the city of Karaganda", organized by the regional Museum of Local lore of the city of Karaganda. The event was attended by scientists-historians, local historians, teachers, journalists-reporters, students, students of schools of the city of Karaganda. In particular, under the direct supervision of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and НSPD of Karaganda Medical University, students of 1-2 courses of the specialty of general medicine participated and listened. Despite the emerging pandemic in the world, the event, organized in order to improve the knowledge of the younger generation, to familiarize and promote respect for the history of their native land, was of great importance. It is obvious that online meetings, which have become a kind of way to replenish knowledge at the present stage, have become very useful for students. We thank the museum stuff аnd wish them to be on the peak of  their creative success!



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