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Infinitely grateful to my nation

Infinitely grateful to my nation

01 March 2021

This day is a day of respect for the common history of the multinational people of Kazakhstan, whose fate is intertwined. The Day of Gratitude is a day of support for the traditions of charity, social solidarity and mutual assistance. This is a day of spiritual traditions, such as charity and kindness, exchange and assistance provided by the Kazakh people during the years of repression and deportations. The Day of gratitude is a day of celebration of the policy of peace and harmony of the President, which, first of all, marked the beginning of the establishment of peace and harmony in the country, mutual trust and respect for all citizens. That is, a symbol of deep respect for the Kazakh land, where by the will of fate there were fertile settlements of millions of representatives of different ethnic groups who were forced to move to the Kazakh land, and the hospitable Kazakh people, where nobility and generosity reign.

In honor of this holiday, the Karaganda Regional Museum of Local Lore specially held a dialogue online meeting, which was called "The Great Spirit of the Great Steppe". The event was attended by students of the 1st-2nd year (General Medicine, TFP), organized by the Karaganda Medical University, assistant professor of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and НSPD Abdrakhmanova K. Zh.

We are well aware that the event is of great importance for the education of the conscious young generation, the formation of qualified, cultural, humane personnel. In general, there is a close connection between the youth of the university and the regional Museum of Local lore, 6 which makes us very happy. Let the weight lifted together be light, and let the creative solidarity grow. Happy holiday!



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