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Tole bi - the founder of honesty and justice

Tole bi - the founder of honesty and justice

18 March 2021

On March 15-16, at the Schools of Nursing Education, Pharmacy, Public Health and Biomedicine, together with the student club “Sanaly Urpaq”, an hour of integrity “Tole bi - the founder of honesty and justice” was held.

  Tole bi's philosophical thoughts are still relevant in modern times. The life principle of Tole bi: “A fair judge has no relatives, an unjust judge has no conscience” - this is a high measure of honesty, integrity and justice. These qualities are an irreplaceable example for today's young generation.

  Dean of the School of Pharmacy I.V. Loseva notes that the students were actively involved in the discussion of the lecture and expressed their negative attitude to corruption in the areas of higher education and healthcare. After watching the online lecture, the curators of the School of Nursing Education organized a discussion platform to discuss the importance of adhering to the principles of honesty and integrity in the educational environment. 

Deputy Dean of the School of Public Health and Biomedicine A.M. Kamarova once again reminded the students of the policy of ensuring academic integrity and the formation of zero tolerance for corruption in society. Students and activists of the student club “Sanaly Urpaq” noted the need for such educational events through the prism of the philosophy of the great Kazakh philosophers and thinkers.

  The Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Combating Corruption (Anti-Corruption Service) regularly conducts an online “Integrity Hours” based on the works and life stories of great personalities and young leaders of modern Kazakhstan.

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