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EcoSystemERG: Entrepreneurial MeetUp 2021

EcoSystemERG: Entrepreneurial MeetUp 2021

04 October 2021

From October 1 to October 3, 2021, the final event within the framework of the project "Ecosystem of Student Entrepreneurship" 2020-2021 was launched at the site in Nur-Sultan. The organizers will summarize the results, students will take an active part in trainings and master classes, teachers together with students will immerse themselves in the world of entrepreneurship, learn a lot of new opportunities, and also communicate with existing entrepreneurs and invited guests.

Entrepreneurial MeetUp is an event where students, teachers and staff of regional educational institutions from Aktobe, Karaganda, Pavlodar and Kostanay develop new competencies, as well as discuss interesting topics and trends, with the involvement and proactivity of each participant.

This event will be attended by 60 students who are winners of the " BigIdeasMarathon " and "Tumar Student Business Challenge" contests, as well as 30 teachers and staff of universities and colleges.

Students will present their startups that were launched as part of the Student Entrepreneurship Ecosystem project and have results in the form of sales, prototypes for sale, first orders and customers.Also, young startups will have an incredible opportunity to pump up skills such as creativity, organization, the ability to see and solve a problem, teamwork and many other skills that will help in the further development of their own product.

For 3 days, residents of our project will get acquainted with current entrepreneurs and businessmen from different fields of activity, who will be happy to share their experience and knowledge.They will talk about topical topics, for example, "How to test your idea and find a client?", "How to promote yourself and your product on social networks?" and other topics, thanks to which students will be able to scale their product and reach a high level.

On the third day of training, students will be joined by teachers and staff of regional educational institutions, who will also pump up their teaching skills. They will learn how to involve students in the learning process, how to use social networks correctly and usefully, how to approach teaching creatively and interestingly, and so on.

The Entrepreneurial MeetUp is organized within the framework of the Student Entrepreneurship Ecosystem project, which aims to transform classical regional educational institutions into entrepreneurial ones, develop the entrepreneurial community in the region, as well as develop entrepreneurial skills among students.

The organizers of the project "Ecosystem of Student Entrepreneurship": ERG company (Eurasian Group), the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University in Kazakhstan.



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