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«Күлкі терапиясы» is vice-champion!!!

«Күлкі терапиясы» is vice-champion!!!

16 April 2014

In day of humor and laugh - 1 April,  in Kazakh regional drama thatre n.a. Saken Seyfullin, the final game of  «Жайдарман-2014» was held. Karaganda branch of «Union of CIF of Kazakhstan» was the organizer of competitions of funny and inventive.

In the main game of the tournament, 4 teams took part. Among them «ЕсАғадыр»  (Agadyr city), «Бағала» (SSTI), «Болашақ VIP» (Bolashak university). Honor of our university was defended by the team «Күлкітерапиясы». The opponents had to show themselves in 4 stages:

1.  «Greeting»

2.  «Ширату»

3.  «Жамбы ату»

4.  «Home work»

Our team adequately passed all competitions. But the team from SSSTI was more inventive. The team «Бағала» won the title of champions of the tournament. «Күлкі терапиясы» received the honored title of vice-champions. The third place was given to the team from the university «Bolashak» - team «Болашақ VIP».

In nomination «the best sound operator» - a student of group 3-001 GM Khusanov Nursultan was recognized as the best.

We congratulate our team «Күлкі терапиясы» with the title «Vice champion» and want to wish new achievements and victories!!!

The team «Vitamins»



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