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History is a direct teacher
05 March 2021
What we do today, the work we do, our behavior and everything we say will be history for the next generation. Will they be grateful for an instructive and educated example? Or will we be damned by doing nothing? A situation for thought for an educated and humane person.
Corruption prevention in education
04 March 2021
An online conference on corruption prevention offenses in education was held on March 3. The conference was organized by the Department of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Anti-Corruption Service) in the Karaganda region and the “Bolashaq” Academy.
The visit of the Vice Minister of Health A.G. Giniyat
02 March 2021
As part of a working visit to the Karaganda region, Vice Minister of Health Azhar Giniyat visited the NJSC "Medical University of Karaganda". On the trip, she was accompanied by the director of the Department of Science and Human Resources of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulnaz Tanatarova.
Infinitely grateful to my nation
01 March 2021
This day is a day of respect for the common history of the multinational people of Kazakhstan, whose fate is intertwined. The Day of Gratitude is a day of support for the traditions of charity, social solidarity and mutual assistance.
The transition to Latin graphics is a new stage in the development of the Kazakh language
01 March 2021
On February 26, 2021 The Languages Development Center ​​of the Karaganda Medical Universitywithin the framework of the state program “Rukhani zhagyru - the way to the future” held the interuniversity scientific and methodological seminar “Latin alipbiine koshu - Kazakh tilinin zhana belesi”.
Cultural exchange programs from "Kazakhstan Council for Educational Travel"
01 March 2021
On February 23, 2021, an online meeting of teachers of the Medical University of Karaganda with the Director of the International Exchange Agency "Kazakhstan Council for Educational Travel" (briefly KCET) of the Republic - Ms. Elena Shabalovskaya have taken place.
Have acquired the necessary skills
19 February 2021
Head of the Department of Therapeutic and Surgical Dentistry of the NJSC "Astana Medical University" A.M. Sumanovа, distance learning of 3rd year students of the School of Dentistry of the NJSC "Medical University of Karaganda" was carried out within the framework of academic mobility.
Dissemination of innovative teaching technologies
17 February 2021
In order to widely inform about the results of the "TAME" ERASMUS + project from February 1 to February 12, 2021, Karaganda Medical University conducted training in the cycle "Case-based Learning as an educational strategy" for teachers of medical universities form Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan ), Georgia (Batumi), as well as for staff of the "Semey Medical University", "Kokshetau University named after Sh. Ualikhanov "and " National Neurosurgical Center "(Nur-Sultan) in the amount of
An online competition on “тоғыз құмалақ”
16 February 2021
On February 13, the online competition on “тоғыз құмалақ” was carried out among the Faculty of the Medical University of Karaganda. The competition was held in circular system.
Dentist Day
15 February 2021
On February 9, 2021, a festive event dedicated to the Day of the Dentist was held at the school of nursing education of the "Karaganda Medical University" among students of the educational programs "Dentistry", "Orthopedic Dentistry" on the Microsoft Teams platform. The dean of the school Estemesova Karlygash Amangeldievna congratulated the Day of the Dentist and wished smiles, health and academic success.
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