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16 April 2021
On April 10-11, within the framework of the Rukhani Zhagyru program an online drafts tournament was held by the Physical Health Center together with SR “Samruk” - Ministry of Sports. The winners among young men were: the 1st place - Irismetov Zakhid 4006 Dentistry, the 2nd place - Mukhametaliev Azamat 1007 GM, the 3rd place - Saray Amangeldy 4008 GM. Among the girls, the winners were: the 1st place - Ryskulova Nurai 1001 GМ, the 2nd place - Talkieva Diana 1002 GМ, the 3rd place - Dumanova Hamail
Formation of anti-corruption culture among youth
16 April 2021
On April 13, as part of the activities of the “Парасатжолы” center, a meeting of university students with the head of the “Adaldyq alany” Project - Freelance Adviser to the Minister of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan on anti-corruption issues, Chairman of the Republican youth organization “Жарасым” at the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan Timur Gabdulovich Dzhumurbaev was held.
Journey into History
15 April 2021
Abdrakhmanova Kamshat Zhaksylykovna - Assistant Professor of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and Social-Political Disciplines organized and conducted an online tour of the museum of memory of victims of political repression "KarLAG"with students of the 2nd year of the School of General Medicine.
The Lord of great power-Kazhymukan
09 April 2021
Another condition of "Rukhani zhangyru" is a tribute to history. The inauguration of the great ones. April 7, 2021-the 150th anniversary of the first wrestler of the Turkic and Asian peoples Kazhymukan Munaytpasov.
Signing of a Memorandum about Cooperation between the Karaganda Medical University and Kursk State Medical University
09 April 2021
On April 8, 2021, an online meeting of representatives of the Karaganda Medical University and the Kursk State Medical University took place in order to sign a memorandum of cooperation in the field of healthcare, academic, scientific and cultural cooperation between universities. The signing ceremony of the Memorandum about Cooperation in the online format took place for the first time.
The historical significance of the President's message
08 April 2021
On September 1, 2020, along with the celebration of the Day of Knowledge, a new political event took place in the history of our country. The message of the President of the country, which is expected annually by the Kazakh society, coincided with the new academic year 2020-2021. This attracted the attention of every citizen of Kazakhstan.
Another fellow of the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation from the university!
06 April 2021
Scholarship holder Sh. Yessenova also became a 3rd-year student of the Medical faculty of " MUK " NCJSC - Kuzhas Dana.
Our student became scholarship holder of the Foundation named after Shakhmardan Yesenov!
05 April 2021
Marlan Alimbatyrov, the 3rd-year student of the School of Pharmacy of the Karaganda Medical University, was awarded the status of a scholarship holder of the Foundation named after Shakhmardan Yesenov. He entered the list of winners among 458 students of the Republic of Kazakhstan!
Training of the KMU Faculty
05 April 2021
From 25 to 31 March 2021, a workshop on the topic "Training experts in assessment of the graduates’ competence (MCQ and clinical scenarios)" was held. In this workshop 87 medical teachers participated. The training was conducted by Olga Visternichan (MD, PhD, associated professor) and Galina Yeremicheva (MD, PhD, professor).
Emergency training
04 April 2021
Trainers of the Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies of the "Karaganda Medical University" Timahovich M. V., Idrisova G.K., Saparova A.S. at the "Multi-Profile Hospital No. 3 of Karaganda" from March 25 to 31, 2021 conducted training of medical personnel (doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and other non-medical personnel) on the topic of "Emergency".
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