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«Akzhunis» and «Karakoz» taught a master-class
22 January 2015
It's common knowledge that for a long time there is a national ensemble «Karakoz» at our university.
Crack on, sport club!
21 January 2015
Remembering about strong traditions of patronship in the Karaganda state medical university the Sport club of KSMU continues to stimulate the leading sportsmen of the university.
Meeting with the rector
20 January 2015
On December 30, on New Year’s eve, the rector of KSMU R.S.Dosmagambetova conducted the traditional meeting with the leaders of groups of amateur talent group.
Temperament lessons
16 January 2015
Аt Karaganda State Medical University Club «Akzhunis» conducted аtraining on the theme "Temperament". Trainings are conducted by the student of 2-007 group of «Stomatology» Zhitikova Inga. The training was interesting, the members of the club «Akzhunis» liked it. She was awarded a letter of thanks for this.
Competition of guitarists " the String of my soul »
16 January 2015
In December 2014, the club "Akzhunis" held a competition of guitarists entitled « Strings of my soul » which took place in a hostel №1 of KSMU. We have decided to hold such competition to take the minds of our students off the everyday classes and to entertain them a little bit. As it were to bring something new and remembering for them.
A meeting of the club «Akzhunis» with a psychologist
13 January 2015
A meeting of the club «Akzhunis» with psychologist was held on December 26, 2014. Psychologist, Marchenko Ksenya Sergeevna talked with the girls and conducted some psychological tests. The extended features of a temper, the secrets of successful human intercourse, how to understand yourself and the people around you - all these were a good and useful theme of our training.
Day off campaign…
13 January 2015
On Saturday, 27.12.2014 the first in this season ski trip at the weekend took place. Students of the 2nd and the 6th courses of "General Medicine", fans of the history and participants of meetings of a historical circle went to the snow-covered steppe autside the south-East of Karaganda.
Hospital clowns.
12 January 2015
On New Year’s eve the department of educational and social work together with a theatrical group of KSMU prepared a charitable action the "Hospital clowns" within the frameworks of the project "Doctor Felix".
“Anatomy is the base of the medicine”
12 January 2015
On the 20th of December, in Karaganda State Medical University second course students of the faculty “General medicine and stomatology” preferred to conduct an Olympiad with slogan “Anatomy is the base of the medicine”basing on subject “Anatomy – 1”.
Grant Scheme to facilitate the Participation of Eastern Partnership/Central Asian Countries in the ASEAN-EU STI Days 2015 in Paris
12 January 2015
This grant scheme will financially support the participation of local researchers from Eastern Partnership and Central Asian countries in the ASEAN-EU STI Days 2015, on 17-19 March 2015, in Paris (www.stidays.net). The thematic priorities of the call are the two Societal Challenges HEALTH (more precisely Infectious Diseases or Chronic Lung Diseases) and ENVIRONMENT (Water-Energy-Food Nexus or Water Management under Climate Uncertainty).
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