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The fifth tournament has ended.
05 November 2015
On 1 November, the fifth championship of КSMU on futsal has ended by “golden game”.Sport club of KSMU for the fifth time organized the university football championship. Ten students’ teams took part in the fifth championship: four of them represented dormitories of the university № 1, 2, 3 and 4; five of them are the combined teams of students living in private apartments(“Lodgers”) and our traditional guest, the team of KarSTU.
Seminar “Alcohol prevention among students”.
02 November 2015
On October 28, the meeting with the psychotherapist D.Chekanov on “Alcohol prevention among students” was conducted by Department on youth affairs with the Ministry of social work, Club of initiative students and SSG of dormitory № 1.
Merry starts.
29 October 2015
On October 20, the students' tournament "Merry starts" was organized by Department of youth affairs together with the department of P.E.in the university.
Say “No” to alcohol!
28 October 2015
On October 26, the round table «Say No to alcohol!» dedicated to the National No-alcohol Day was conducted by Department of youth affair together with Club of initiative students, with participation of the Student ministry on social work.
Matriculation ceremony — 2015
27 October 2015
On 16th of October in Karaganda State Medical University had traditional celebration of first year students «Matriculation». It is unforgettable event in the life of every student.
Alcohol.Two faces of the same coin.
27 October 2015
On October 21, the debate tournament dedicated to the National no-alcohol day was conducted by Department of youth affair.
Rapid help is a double help.
26 October 2015
The meeting of assistant of department of Emergency Medical Care №1 N.Telembetov with the student bodies "Samruk" was organized by Department of youth affairs at the World First Aid Day.
We are against abortion!
23 October 2015
That was the slogan of September 30, 2015 year, the day dedicated to the World Day of contraception and in is day a quiz among students of Karaganda State Medical University was carried out. The initiative for this event holding was taken by the assistant of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Symbat Umirzakovna Zhanabayeva
Veterans’ day celebration
23 October 2015
According to the tradition of the department of internal diseases №2 a meeting with veterans of the department was organized by interns of 6 course. Associate professor L.K.Badina with the presentation and presenting all the veterans letters of thanks on behalf of the Rector of Karaganda State Medical University started the concert.
Additional immunization against measles in the Karaganda State Medical University
23 October 2015
Additional immunization against measles actively takes place in the Karaganda State Medical University. Thus, as at 10.20.2015 95 % have been vaccinated. 5% had a temporary medical counter indication for vaccination and now improvement of health and further vaccination of those persons is under control.
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