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KVN festival
13 November 2014
On October 28-29, 2014 the game for the cup of the region akim “New season opening festival” took place in the regional Kazakh Drama Theater of Seyfullin under the auspices of the Republican Youth public association "KVN Union Kazakhstan".
Meeting with veteran
12 November 2014
On November 5, 2014 at 19:00 the meeting of students with the chairman of KSMU Veterans Council, the head of the university museum Sembek Abdrakhmanovich Sartabayev took place in the dormitory №2. At this meeting S.A. Sartabayev shared the history of his working career in our university.
Kazakhstan is the secular state
12 November 2014
Karaganda state medical university systematically takes measures for religious extremism and terrorism prevention. Another meeting with students was held on October 29, 2014, in the events hall of the dormitory №2. The meeting was organized by the Commission for religious extremism and terrorism prevention at the Council for educational work.
“School Sports Day”
12 November 2014
On the 1st of November, 2014, school sports event supported by educational and social work for students took place in the sports hall of the university main building among faculties of internship. A.B. Kasymova and D. S. Baimbetova emceed this sports event.
V.N.C.C. (Veterans need care and company)
11 November 2014
War veterans are the special people. They are the people that endured the suffering and hardships of the most horrible war in human history. So the attitude towards them in our country is also special. Every year the number of them is less and less – the age doesn’t spare anyone.
International Environmental Seminar "Less trash" on the program "Young Reporters for Environment."
11 November 2014
From October 30 to November 3 the International Environmental Seminar "Less trash" on the program "Young Reporters for Environment" was held in Cascais (Portugal). The seminar was attended by 9 countries: Germany, Latvia, Turkey, Slovakia, Macedonia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Israel and Italy.
Scientific Congress of medical and pharmaceutical universities
10 November 2014
From 29 to 31 October, 2014 the XI Congress of the students and youth scientific societies, medical and pharmaceutical universities in Russia, Ukraine, the SCO countries with the participation of representatives of the BRICS countries was held in Ufa (Bashkortostan, Russia) on the basis of Bashkir State Medical University.
"The Halloween Party" in KSMU medical college
10 November 2014
At the end of October in KSMU medical college the teacher of discipline "Foreign language" I.S. Kim and A.B. Nupilova organized and held the out-of-class educational events devoted to the "Halloween" holiday. The aim of these events was to intensify students’ interest for English language studying and their acquaintance with culture and traditions of English-speaking countries.
Orientation week
10 November 2014
On October 27, an excursion “Orientation week” for pupils of the 10 and 11 grades of Saran secondary school №1 was organized in Karaganda State Medical University. Accompanied by supervising teachers, children were able to see with their own eyes "homeland" of all the doctors and to be in the ranks of students.
Congratulations to the team "Namys"!
10 November 2014
“To know the laws means to conceive not only the words, but also their content and meaning” On October 31, 2014, an Academic Olympics on the Constitution basics and state symbols of RK knowledge was held in the main building of E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University, where the students from Karaganda region universities and military bodies took part in.
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