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Seminar – training on additional immunization of population against measles
03 April 2015
As part of campaign of additional immunization against measles the workshop with representatives of the health and education was held on March 30 and March 31, 2015 on the basis of KSMU, acting in charge of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Nawryz Celebration in Consultative and Diagnostic center of KSMU
02 April 2015
A festive event dedicated to Nauryz was organized and held by the faculty and staff of Consultative and Diagnostic center (CDC) on March 20, CDC of KSMU. Not just a concert, but the whole competition program was prepared for the visitors by the center staff.
Spring Assembly
02 April 2015
On March 2-8, The 64th General Assembly of Youth Medical Associations (IFMSА) was held in Antalya (Turkey).
Youth and Science: always together, always close
01 April 2015
The International Conference of Young Scientists "The world of science and youth: achievements and prospects" was held on February 26, 2015. The aims of the conference were a broad discussion of topical issues of medicine and health care, public awareness about the scientific achievements of young scientists.
Celebration of Nauryz at the Department of Internal Medicine №2
31 March 2015
In celebration of Nauryz, the Department of Internal Medicine №2 held a charitable concert on the basis of Citi Hospital №1. Songs, kui, dances, customs, national cuisine of Kazakh people were presented to hospital patients and medical staff. It was believed that every person in this day should meet 7 guests and visit 7 houses.
Under the commonShanyrak - in one family.
31 March 2015
The year of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan testifies that, this institution of civil agreement and peace gained a great national authority. Assembly of people of Kazakhstan is a result of unique political innovation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, successful political project of Nation Leader N.Nazarbaev.
Hospital clowns.
31 March 2015
Charitable group of hospital clownery "Doctor Felix" was created in КSMU since 2014, initiated by the rector of the university. "Hospital clowns" is a new direction in the system of children rehabilitation through creation of positive emotions by means of facilities of hospital clownery.It is scientifically proved that recovery of children, visited by hospital clowns, goes faster.
Veterans of the war at Nauryz holiday
31 March 2015
The 3005-group students of the General medicine and dentistry faculty held a festive concert devoted to Nauryz holiday and the 70th anniversary of the great Victory under the leadership of assistant of the internal diseases department Umirbaeva Assel Altaevna in the Regional center of medical care for veterans of the war.
Persistent labour was duly appreciated
31 March 2015
Оn March 4, 2015the solemn ceremonyof possessorsrewarding“the Best teacher of university 2014” took place inthe Kazakh National University of Arts with participation of Minister for education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Practical course in Germany
30 March 2015
This practical course was in ophthalmology department of Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, under the direction of doctor of medicine Аntje Just.
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