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Classes in “First Summer student school of microbiologists"
02 July 2014
“First Summer student school of microbiologists" (SSSM), which has organized and conducted by the head of the department, associate professor S.B Akhmetova and associate professor L.G. Filatova were held for the first time at the department of Microbiology KSMU from 23 to 26 June 2014.
Master class "Medical Parasitology"
19 June 2014
The master class on "Medical Parasitology" was organized and conducted at the Department of Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics, Karaganda State Medical University from 09 to 13 June 2014 in conjunction with the dean Faculty of Continuing Professional Development.
Good luck, pediatrician!
16 June 2014
The Children’s Diseases department №2 together with the interns of 6th and 7th year conducted a traditional yearly ceremony “Good luck, pediatrician!” under the guidance of the department head MD, professor Tukbekova B.T. and the course mentor associate professor Kizatova S.T.
Poststrokecognitiveimpairment: current issues of early diagnosis, therapy and prevention
16 June 2014
As part of the commercialization of own scientific development (innovation patent № 000231 of 07. 2013. Authors: T.T.Kispaeva, M.G. Abdrakhmanova, R.A. Belyaev, N.A. Evstafieva) from May 26 to May 30 on the basis of Karaganda State Medical University the master class on "Innovative methods of treating cognitive disorders in the acute period of cerebral stroke" was held
«Pure session»
13 June 2014
Activists of the Committee of student’s self-government (CSSG) carried out the next action «Pure session», which was organized by the Youth policy department of the university and republican alliance of youth «Alliance of students of Kazakhstan».
Сreativityand scientific achievements of the Department of Children’s Infectious Diseases of Karaganda State Medical University
10 June 2014
Сreativityand scientific achievements of the Department of Children’s Infectious Diseases of Karaganda State Medical University Awards ceremony was carried out by Russian Academy of Natural Science (RANS) in the period from 20 to 23 of may 2014 year in Moscow, with in 3 international scientific conferences "Actual problems of science and education", "Innovative medical technology", "International certification system of the teaching staff”.
"The day when the blue stone of Samarkand melted "
10 June 2014
"The day when the blue stone of Samarkand melted " From the 3rd to the 7th of April, students of the 5th course of Dentistry have visited one of the oldest cities in the world, the center of the historic area and the state Sogdiana, the second largest city in Uzbekistan - Samarkand. In Samarkand Medical Institute "the 68th scientific-practical conference of students, graduate residents, medical residents and young scientists" was held on the 5th in April.
Сareer-oriented activities of the university
10 June 2014
Specificity of work in the field of medicine and health care requires a special approach at recruitment of future specialists for training in the medical university. Proceeding from this, KSMU focuses on working with applicants.
For Healthy Way of Life
06 June 2014
World Health Organization hardly studies the problem of smoking everywhere. According to the data provided by the World Health Organization it is discovered that each fifth person dies from the smoking. It means that every year we loss about 500 000 people! Nowadays the World Health Organization creates the catchword for them, such as: «Smoking or Health? Choose by yourself!»
KSMU undergraduates were trained in Ataturk University in Turkey
06 June 2014
From 11 to 23 May at the base of Medical Faculty of Atatürk University in Erzurum, within the educational Master’s program, 14 undergraduates of 1st year of study, were trained in conjunction with the 13th undergraduates of the University of Ataturk. By agreement with KSMU, classes of Research Methodology Course, were devoted to the management of scientific research, health organizations, publications in scientific journals and laboratory diagnosis.
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