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Training "Effective teacher" for Russian colleagues
02 November 2021
From October 25 to 29, 2021, the Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies of "MUK" NCJSC conducted a cycle to improve the pedagogical qualifications of teaching staff on the topic "Effective teacher" (basic course).
Share the results of research in the field of COVID-19
01 November 2021
International scientific-practical conference "Contemporary Problems of Infectiology, Epidemiology, Microbiology and Medical Parasitology", organized by the Andijan State Medical Institute in cooperation with the Tashkent Medical Academy, in Honobad, Republic of Uzbekistan.
Dean's meeting with the students
29 October 2021
Since September to October, 2021 a meeting was held at the university between the dean of the pharmacy school and the 1st year students of the educational program 6В07201 «Technology of pharmaceutical production», and the educational program 6В10103 «Pharmacy».
Good mission
29 October 2021
We are indebted to the veterans and can try to make their life more joyful and enjoyable. People in old age, like no one else, need a caring attitude. With this in mind, the students of the 1-005 group studying on the educational program "Technology of pharmaceutical production" and teachers of the «MUK» NCJSC I.V. Loseva, M.Z. Kokzhalova continue their mission of caring for labor veterans.
How can we use service design approach in developing nursing services?
27 October 2021
26.10.2021, the second webinar in a series of three webinars dedicated to improving nursing practice through collaboration, organized by JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Karaganda Medical University, was held. The second webinar focused on the topic: How can we use service design approach in developing nursing services?
Spartakiad «The first-year student-2021»
27 October 2021
The Spartakiad «The first-year student-2021» was held by the team of physical health center.
Medicine out of corruption
27 October 2021
On October 23, the Compliance Office together with the Student’s Republic “Samruk” organized a meeting of the university student club “Sanaly urpaq”.
Music of Saryarka
27 October 2021
The traditional international music festival "Auendi Saryarka" opened the XXII season in Karaganda. The Karaganda audience liked the concert programs including traditional songs, orchestras of national instruments, jazz, symphony.
Draft Anti-Corruption Policy Concept for 2022-2026
25 October 2021
On October 22, a republican meeting on combating corruption with rectors of higher educational institutions was held in Almaty.
Best Anti-Corruption Essay
25 October 2021
An annual regional meeting of school clubs “Адалұрпақ” and student clubs “Sanaly urpaq”hosted on October, 20 in the Karaganda Regional Universal Scientific Library named after N.V. Gogol.
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